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Divorce Mediation Solutions


Divorce Mediation Solutions was founded by attorney Michael P. Stokamer to provide separating and divorcing couples with an alternative to a traditional, costly and acrimonious divorce. Michael helps New York and New Jersey couples to resolve their differences peacefully and with dignity using legal separation and divorce mediation or collaborative divorce services.

Nexxite combined branding, copywriting, sophisticated design and advanced technology to form a beautiful and coherent website presence for Michael’s firm. We are proud to say the site has been used in presentations at legal conferences as an example of an excellent legal website.

Take a look at Divorce Mediation Solutions at:  www.divorcemediationsolutions.com

Newest Work

Here are some of our recent projects:

John Sabasteanski – We built the website for this multi-talented artist and woodworker. A graduate of the Rhode Island School of Design, John designed the site. Our job was to build it per his specifications. It has an unusual, almost “un-designed” quality, requiring the visitor to explore for himself. www.johnsabasteanski.com

Danziger & Markhoff LLP – We replaced a confusing, out-of-date website with a modern, well-organized and technically advanced one for this established law firm with offices in Westchester and Long Island. A unique legal and actuarial enterprise, Danziger and Markhoff combines the skills of a dozen attorneys with approximately 40 actuaries, plan consultants and other professionals. The firm focuses on business and tax law, pensions, ESOPs, retirement plan administration and other areas including healthcare law, real estate and trusts and estate planning.  www.danzigermarkhoff.com

AMilan European Hair Design – We created a mobile website our long-time client, Angel Chizzoniti, who provides hair restoration and other related services to clients in New York. We also did a basic SEO project for Angel to facilitate being found in Google searches. www.amilanhairdesign.com

What is a “Modern” Website?

We are often asked to create a “modern” or “state-of-the-art” website, but what does that really mean? We put together our thoughts on the subject and came up with a number of characteristics that we feel define today’s websites.

First and foremost, modern websites are responsive. Because over half of Internet traffic worldwide is now on smart phones, rather than desktop computers, websites must be built to be readable on these much smaller screens. Gone are the days when you had to pinch the screen on your phone to expand the text so you could read it. Today’s websites adapt to whatever screen they are viewed on so they are easily read and navigated on any device.

Most newer websites are designed to fill the full screen width. Newer sites are rarely set inside a box with a white or colored (or patterned) field surrounding them. This tends to create a more immersive experience for the viewer.

More and more websites utilize motion. Simply put, people love videos. Bandwith has gotten so much greater in recent years that loading time is no longer a major problem on most computers and phones. Of course, a very slow loading site is not good, so huge videos are not recommended, but certainly a video up to 50 Meg or so is fine. And it isn’t just videos, it is motion of any kind that people look for nowadays. Motion graphics, small animations, tastefully used (and not over-used) are increasingly popular.

Next is interactivity. Websites are far more effective if they can capture and retain viewers. One way to do this is to involve them in an active website experience. So, clicking and downloading an article, turning pages to read a story, playing a game, getting a free product sample, or completing a form are just a few of the techniques modern sites are using to engage visitors.

Good design never goes out of style, though tastes do change. You always want harmony, balance, attractive use of color and fonts, all presented in a consistent manner from page to page on a website. And these features will always be needed, but it is safe to say today’s design has its own unique features (sort of like fashion in clothing). Less is more, especially on the home page. It seems to us that use of white space, rendering a pagemuch less dense visually, with less text in general, is increasingly common. And smaller fonts are more favored of late as well. Speaking of fonts, modern websites can use Google fonts which allow for much more variety than we saw in the past.

Another design shift has been toward the use of a single impactful image on the home page. Rather than many distracting and competing visual elements, one image creates a strong central experience that encourages the visitor to enter and learn more.  It is about creating a single mood with less confusion.

Placing all your important elements above the fold is a long-established principle, but things are changing. Today, almost everyone is accustomed to long scrolls thanks to mobile devices. The technique works especially well for sites that want to lure users through storytelling, and you can still mimic a multi-page site by breaking the scroll into clear sections. But remember while scrolling down is fine, scrolling across is never desirable.

That covers our brief summary of the current state of “modern” websites. I’m happy to discuss any of this in more detail if you are interested. Feel free to call or write me.


Here is some advice regarding criticism:

Never criticize a man until you have walked a mile in his shoes.  That way, when you do criticize him, you’ll be a mile away and… you’ll have his shoes.

Amazing Logos and Their Hidden Meanings

This is a reprint of an article I found interesting.

Designing logos can be very difficult. When designing a logo you want it to stand out from the crowd yet still be really simple. Sometimes the designer is really clever and makes a seemingly simple logo that includes a hidden message with a deeper meaning. In this article we have 15 logos with such messages, some of which you will have heard of before and some that may be new to you.


The Amazon logo is an extremely simple logo and while the arrow may just look like a smile it actually points from a to z. This represents the idea that Amazon sells everything from a to z and the smile is the one on the customer’s face when they bought a product.

Read more.

Newest Work

Here are some of our recent projects:

The Hit Men – We are very excited about this website, one of the most technically advanced sites we have ever built. The Hit Men are an enormously popular group of talented musicians with a long history of playing with many well-known stars, such as The Four Seasons, Carly Simon, Paul McCartney and Elton John, just to name a few. Long-time clients, we upgraded their site to be dynamic, visually exciting and packed with special features. www.thehitmenlive.com

Brook Manville – Working closely with this nationally known thought leader who has an impressive array of distinguished clients, we built a WordPress website that provides information about his writing, consultation and advisory services.  www.brookmanville.com

Albert G. Feliu Law – We designed and built a responsive website for this New York City attorney and his colleague Rebecca Myers, whose practice focuses on employment law.  www.feliulaw.com

Albert G. Feliu Neutral Practice – In addition, we created a second website for Mr. Feliu about his separate practice offering alternative dispute resolution services. www.feliuadr.com

Cindy Gaudette – We redesigned the website for this talented New Mexico artist, so that it is clean and easy to use.  www.cindigaudette.com

Featured Client

Sahn Ward Coschignano, PLLC



SAHN WARD COSCHIGNANO, PLLC is a full service law firm concentrating in the areas of zoning and land use planning; real estate law and transactions; civil litigation and appeals in state and federal courts; municipal law and legislative practice; environmental law; corporate law and commercial transactions; matrimonial and family law; estate and trust practice including special needs planning and elder law; labor and employment; real estate tax certiorari and condemnation; and telecommunications..

The Firm is a long-standing client that we featured in this section some five years ago. Since that time, this important Long Island law firm has grown considerably and their website has grown correspondingly. Finishing about one year ago, we completely rebuilt the site from the bottom up, with fresh graphics, new sections, more photography and greater usability on a responsive platform.

Take a look at Sahn Ward Coschignano, PLLC at:  www.swc-law.com


These are ancient, from a game show called “Hollywood Squares,” that some of you may remember. These actual responses were spontaneous, not scripted.

Paul, what is a good reason for pounding meat?

Answer – Paul Lynde: Loneliness!

(The audience laughed so long and so hard it took
up almost 15 minutes of the show!)

Q. If you’re going to make a parachute jump, at least
how high should you be?  

A. Charley Weaver: Three days of steady drinking
should do it.

Q. True or False, a pea can last as long as 5,000

A. George Gobel: Boy, it sure seems that way

Q. You’ve been having trouble going to sleep.
Are you probably a man or a woman?

A.. Don Knotts: That’s what’s been keeping me

Q. According to Cosmopolitan, if you meet a
stranger at a party and you think that he is attractive,
is it okay to come out and ask him if he’s married?

A.. Rose Marie: No, wait until morning.

Q. Which of your five senses tends to diminish as you get older?

A. Charley Weaver: My sense of decency..

Q. What are ‘Do It,’ ‘I Can Help,’ and ‘I Can’t Get Enough’?

A. George Gobel: I don’t know, but it’s coming from
the next apartment.

Q.. Charley, you’ve just decided to grow strawberries.
Are you going to get any during the first year?

A.. Charley Weaver: Of course not, I’m too busy
growing strawberries.

Q. During a tornado, are you safer in the bedroom
or in the closet?

A. Rose Marie: Unfortunately Peter, I’m always
safe in the bedroom.

Q. When you pat a dog on its head, he will wag his
tail. What will a goose do?

A. Paul Lynde: Make him bark?

Q. If you were pregnant for two years, what would
you give birth to?

A. Paul Lynde: Whatever it is, it would never be
afraid of the dark..

Q. According to Ann Landers, is there anything
wrong with getting into the habit of kissing a lot
of people?

A. Charley Weaver: It got me out of the army.

Q. Back in the old days, when Great Grandpa put
horseradish on his head, what was he trying to do?

A. George Gobel: Get it in his mouth.

Q. Do female frogs croak?

A. Paul Lynde: If you hold their little heads under
water long enough.

Q. According to Ann Landers, what are two things
you should never do in bed?

A. Paul Lynde: Point and laugh

Q. Jackie Gleason recently revealed that he firmly
believes in them and has actually seen them on at
least two occasions. What are they?

A. Charley Weaver: His feet.

Gotta Go Mobile

In 2015, mobile traffic finally surpassed desktop traffic and Google released its so-called “Mobilegeddon” update to penalize any sites that weren’t optimized for mobile devices. 2015 was the year mobile became the dominant form of web traffic and 2016 is only continuing the rise of mobile.

So, if your website is not “mobile-friendly,” why exactly is Google’s “Mobilegeddon” a problem for you? Well first, you know Google is the #1 search engine with about two-thirds of all Internet searches conducted (the other two important ones are Bing and Yahoo.). The “Mobilegeddon” update means your site will not show well in Google search. They want you to have a mobile-friendly version of your website. Since April, 2015, a site that was not mobile-friendly has been severely penalized by getting lower search rankings.

True, for some websites, a good search ranking isn’t that important. These websites are not trying to generate traffic via searches, but for most others, a good ranking in the search results is important. Most site owners want their sites to come up when people search for their businesses. For those websites, a mobile version is essential now.

If your site is not yet mobile-friendly (also known as “responsive”), we can get you up and running with a mobile-friendly version quickly and easily. It does not have to require rebuilding your site from scratch, although that is an option. But a much faster and less expensive choice is for us to use a conversion program where your site is hosted by a third party. There is a yearly cost for it, but it is much less than you would pay for a complete re-do of your site and the results are great. Here’s a couple of examples of our clients who are currently using this tool:


If you are interested in moving forward with mobile (or if you’re nust not sure if your site is mobile-friendly), please contact us.