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Forms, Forms, Forms:

Have you heard of Web 2.0? Or even Web 3.0? The idea of these concepts is that the Internet has evolved from a one-way environment like a newspaper into a far more interactive, worldwide community, i.e., one with lots of two-way communication. The proliferation of blogs, forums, chat rooms and entities like MySpace, YouTube and FaceBook all point to a busy, interactive place. As the Internet becomes more interactive, many of you have been asking about ways for your clients and customers to interact online.

One way, perhaps the simplest, is via forms. Forms provide a way for visitors to your site to contact you with specific information, questions or ideas. You can conduct surveys, collect demographic information, or ask for new ideas for your business or your website. In short, you can make your site more interactive for your visitors and more beneficial to you.

We have recently set up a new service on the Nexxite website that utilizes a form. The new service is a special offer to create $99 websites for people selling their homes. If you are interested in seeing the form, go to

And of course, if you are interested in selling your home without a broker and saving lots of money, how about a single property website from Nexxite, for $99? Brokers too may be interested in this service.

Breaking News: Google May Buy GoDaddy

There is a rumor that Google, with their seemingly infinite resources, may buy the popular domain registrar and webhosting company, GoDaddy. This is a logical acquisition for Google, which has been purchasing Internet companies lately at a rate of one per week. GoDaddy would give Google access to the largest issuer of domain names in the world. The only obstacle might be anti-trust regulations.

Many of our clients have their domains registered at GoDaddy and many have their sites hosted there as well. Will this potential acquisition change anything? We don’t know and we hope not. Our experience with GoDaddy has been nothing but positive. So stay tuned. We will monitor the developments and let you know if it occurs and it there is any impact to our clients.

Hosting Announcement:

Many of you have had your sites hosted at Eclipse Hosting. This Utah-based company served us well and I hope you agree there have been very few problems with them. Several months ago, Eclipse was sold to, a larger company based in Ohio. For the same pricing, we are getting more disk space and bandwidth. All Eclipse websites were automatically transferred to Jumpline. If you wish to learn more about your new hosting company, go to

Special Tip: Video Clip (and it’s free!)

We can now add video clips to your website. Nothing like the personal touch!

Imagine a short movie of yourself announcing a new product or service. Or your favorite spokesmodel talking about your company… whatever. For a limited time (through the end of this year), if you have a short video you would like to see on your website, we will add it for free.

Videos must be in digital form, suitable for the Web (e.g., .wmv, .avi, or .mpg). So, if you have (or can get) a video clip in one of these formats, we will be happy to add it to your site at no charge.