Newest Sites:

 Here are some of Nexxite’s newest sites:

Print Pet Coupons – A unique website offering local discounts for pet products and services. We designed the graphics on the home page and continue to advise our client in Internet marketing and business strategies.

Boyd Cass, Realtor – This Pittsburgh-based real estate agent has tied fine art to the real estate business. Each month, he features a different artist as an attraction for his website.

ABiC Northeast – ABiC (America’s Best in Class) aims to be the “American Idol” for Fitness Instructors. Initially focused in the Northeast, the ABiC folks plan to roll out the contest nationwide. The Contact page on the site contains a database we developed to collect and store information of those who sign up.

Manhattan Business Directory – We expanded the website for this existing client who offers a free printed directory of local business in New York and now in the greater Baltimore area.

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