Newest Work

Here are some of our recent projects:


Westchester Mediation Associates – We designed and built a compact website for this Westchester group of mediators. Both Ruth Raisfeld and Leonard Benowich are experienced, successful mediators. Their partnership provides a resource for individuals and businesses seeking mediation as an alternative means to resolve differences quickly and affordably.
Sahn Ward Coschignano – We redesigned the firm’s logo for this long-time client, a Long-Island based law firm that also maintains a Manhattan office. In addition to the new logo, we are currently engaged to redesign the website itself.

The Hit Men – We have worked with this group of very talented and experienced musicians for many years. They are former members of the Four Seasons and other popular groups. Recently, we significantly upgraded the Marketing section of their website with videos, posters and other marketing materials.

Ruth Pasquine – This Little Rock, Arkansas artist creates unique and unusual Buddhist and Hindu imagery. We added a wide variety of new paintings to her website.