Gotta Go Mobile

In 2015, mobile traffic finally surpassed desktop traffic and Google released its so-called “Mobilegeddon” update to penalize any sites that weren’t optimized for mobile devices. 2015 was the year mobile became the dominant form of web traffic and 2016 is only continuing the rise of mobile.

So, if your website is not “mobile-friendly,” why exactly is Google’s “Mobilegeddon” a problem for you? Well first, you know Google is the #1 search engine with about two-thirds of all Internet searches conducted (the other two important ones are Bing and Yahoo.). The “Mobilegeddon” update means your site will not show well in Google search. They want you to have a mobile-friendly version of your website. Since April, 2015, a site that was not mobile-friendly has been severely penalized by getting lower search rankings.

True, for some websites, a good search ranking isn’t that important. These websites are not trying to generate traffic via searches, but for most others, a good ranking in the search results is important. Most site owners want their sites to come up when people search for their businesses. For those websites, a mobile version is essential now.

If your site is not yet mobile-friendly (also known as “responsive”), we can get you up and running with a mobile-friendly version quickly and easily. It does not have to require rebuilding your site from scratch, although that is an option. But a much faster and less expensive choice is for us to use a conversion program where your site is hosted by a third party. There is a yearly cost for it, but it is much less than you would pay for a complete re-do of your site and the results are great. Here’s a couple of examples of our clients who are currently using this tool:

If you are interested in moving forward with mobile (or if you’re nust not sure if your site is mobile-friendly), please contact us.