Featured Client – Wilfred’s Tailor



We built the website for Wilfred Rosario, the original Wilfred’s Tailor, almost four years ago. Unfortunately Wilfred passed away the following year, but his daughter Cynthia has continued to run his shop and we have continued to maintain the site for her.

Wilfred’s Tailor was established in 1992 in a small shop in the West Village. Now 25 years later it has come to be known as one of the finest tailor shops in New York City. Featured in GQ, New York Magazine, Esquire and Detail, they offer a variety of alterations, from patching up your favorite jeans to making a suit look like it was custom made. They treat each article of clothing with the utmost care. They believe patience is their virtue and perfection is their trademark!

Take a look the at the Wilfred’s Tailor website at: www.wilfredstailor.com.